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Unmasking Imposters, Igniting Legacies: Empowering Talks for the Modern Leader.

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6 Lessons from a Marketing Fraud:

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome & Get S#$T Done.

The Legacy Mindset:

How to shape your vision, make your mark, and leave the world inspired.

Where I’ve Spoken & What’s Coming Up!

Business of Software

Boston, USA

Search Love

San Diego, USA


Bucharest, Romania

PPC Hero

London, England

Call to Action (CTA)

Vancouver, Canada

Turing Fest

Edinburgh, Scotland


Portorose, Slovenia

Learn Inbound

Dublin, Ireland

Conversion Jam

Stockhold, Sweden Oslo, Norway

ShineCrew Workshop

Want to set up your team for success? Over 6 weeks, I can teach your team how to overcome imposter syndrome and start visualizing their legacy.

In 6 weeks your team will learn how to:
get off autopilot and understand how your self-talk is affecting your life
create expectations and boundaries to help you prioritize your work + play
build your shinecrew and create lasting healthy friendships
create your legacy statement and align your path to the future you want
visualize your future in a way that will make you feel empowered

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